10 Reasons Running Creates A Peace Of Mind

Running has helped many regain mental clarity in their lives. With all of the stress, we live with on a daily basis running may be the cure that we all need. Here are 10 reasons why running creates peace of mind.

1. Less stressed is the way to live

Just like everyone else, we all have our own stress that builds up causing us to release in some way or another. Sometimes we don’t release those stressful feelings in the correct ways if not done at all. A great way to let go of the things that are bothering you is by running. It is a tool to help you manage and deal with any stress that comes into your life. It also helps with its ability to deal with mental tension that sits inside the brain that you didn’t realize was there.

2. Sunshine baby!

There are days when we just won’t see a day of light, but if you making running a part of your routine, then you are more likely to get that vitamin D we all desperately need. The reason why we need vitamin D is that it is a hormone that is produced in the body that helps with everyday satisfaction. It helps absorb the calcium in our bodies so we are able to have healthy bones, teeth, and muscles. It produces cell growth and a healthy immune system. Vitamin D even fights diseases and depression! So get outside and start running in the sun!

3. Focus

Running helps us stay more focused during the day. It’s releasing the stress of the day and provides you with a clear mind. If you ever feel tired, unmotivated, or unfocused then you need to get up and get running. Since you will be so clear-minded after you are more likely to get twice as much done too!

As you run, you are creating new brain cells that are working to keep the brain fired up. It’s working with the levels of derived protein within the brain and supplies exactly what that area needs. With this, we are able to make decisions more decisively and have the ability to think at a higher level of learning.

4. Sleep

Sleep is so important. It helps us work efficiently, feel good about ourselves and helps us work harder during the day. Without good sleep, we are angry, frustrated, and would rather sit around eating candy while watching our favorite TV shows. It’s a complete game changer! If you want to achieve a better sleep than you are already receiving then it may be time to put on the shoes and get running.

Running helps with giving you the relaxation that you need. When we are anxious or nervous about something, it becomes harder to sleep with the focus that something maybe more important to us.  If you take the time to run 5-6 hours before you are going to bed, your body’s core temperature actually will raise for a while and then will lower hours later signaling to your body that it’s time to go to bed. With that being said, you could start having the best sleep of your life if you start running.


5. Creativity

Creativity is in all of us, but unfortunately, it can become blocked if we have too much going on in our brains. Running helps us clear those thoughts so that more creativity can flow in. When we run, our bodies recognize this as NOT a task for our brains to try to figure out. It leaves our brains to openly wander. As we run there is an increase in our dopamine levels which has been proven to be associated with creativity. The formula looks a little something like this: running = higher levels of dopamine + relaxed mind = new creative thoughts.

6. Ability to overcome obstacles

Think about the times you were running and it became HARD. Your whole body and mind think it’s time to quit, but you continue to go. You push yourself harder and harder and before you know it you made it to the top of the hill! You did it! Those are the moments that your mind will reap the benefits. Pushing yourself to accomplish runs, or obstacles will help you with achieving challenges in your day-to-day life. You will feel a lot more capable of fighting anything that comes your way with ease!

7. Confidence

Having confidence in yourself could be something you struggle with, but with running, there is no need to ever worry about your confidence again. Running gives you the confidence you need. You feel good about yourself after a run,  but most importantly you will start to believe it. When you work hard at something you start to bring more confidence to your inner self. You believe in yourself more and know you respect yourself enough to take care of who you are. Not to mention, your body will start to look, killer!

8. Anxiety bites the dust… WAIT NO IT DOESN’T

Today, one of the most common things we as a society struggle with is anxiety. With running you can diminish a lot of that feeling that builds up.  Your brain will release and will help you stop thinking about what needs to happen, what happened yesterday, and what will happen in your life. You are able to finally be at peace with yourself. Running will give you the confidence to achieve life to your standards not what your anxiety wants.

9. Breaking bad habits

Running helps you break any bad habits or drugs you encounter. Such as smoking, drinking. recreational drugs, etc. After exercising for a couple of weeks your body’s level of craving for these will lower dramatically. You will actually feel like grabbing for healthier options of food as well!

10. Everything in life will come together

By running you are creating a certain type of structure in your life. You have added a great habit, released the stress, and you finally are able to gain confidence in who you are. Taking these things into account, you will start to realize that your whole life will begin to improve. Your relationships will become better, your happiness will skyrocket, and your ability to accomplish more in the day will definitely not be a struggle! Life will be in the palms of your hands, so go-ahead run and enjoy it!

Why do you love running? Let us know in the comments below!


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